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The “X” gender marker choice

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Until we as MTFs do go full time with full legal status transitioning (name change, female sex recognized legally) does it make any sense to use the “X” gender marker whenever possible?  Is there any value to this other than to possibly sooth our dysphoria?

US passports will soon provide the X choice and many states allow this on driver’s licenses.  Employment applications increasingly allow for this. 

Is the X marker primary for those who are gender fluid or non-binary?


Maybe it is better to question why gender is on such documents as driving licences and passports.  What function does it serve?

I think we need to see more about how it will be applied.... is it an innocuous change that we do mainly for ourselves, or given the political climate in half this country will it be a scarlet letter singling us out for persecution?  Will all the consumers of that ID data themselves be ready to support an "X" gender??

For example- until an airline supports an "X" gender it would flag an ID mismatch every time they try to validate your ID against your reservation.

Currently I feel I have to dress drab to get through TSA to match my ID.... and change after security.  TSA's recent announcements that gender considerations won't be taken into checkpoint ID checks starting in May, along well as changes to their procedures if the scanner triggers in "sensitive areas" may make it so that I can dress through security.  For me that would be a bigger win than an "X" on the ID.




I think if the agent questions, or when you go through a scanner at the airport presenting as female and the inspector who is scanning notices something that is male looking, you can say you are MTF transitioning.  But it is simpler to dress a bit ambiguously if your travel documents still list you as male.

PreCheck lines are also shorter that may be of help.  With TSA changing their practices next month that may also be easier starting next month, as you stated.


Depending on where you travel, it could be dangerous. I would not use unless it is internationally accepted.


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