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Natural hair removal


Post op fifteen years. Pass most of the time. Spent thousands on facial hair removal using laser and electrolysis over several years. Results were good. Since 'COVID' and lockdowns I've experienced intense emotional stress which seems to have messed with my hormones. Now I have new facial hair growing where there was none. I have no money for hair removal. HRT is unchanged. Slight weight gain.

I'm considering experimenting with essential oils after reading about the anti-androgenic effects of topical lavender and tea tree oil. One particular scientific study found improvement after topical application of lavender and tea tree oil over several months, but on the body, not the face.

Previously I've tried drinking spearmint tea for the anti-androgenic effects, but that made me feel depressed so the topical route seems worth trying.

While hormone therapy can do wonders for body hair, it has had little effect on my own facial hair. I have tried waxing, laser and electrolysis. Waxing is temporary at best and I had regrowth within a week. Laser is much more effective on the dark colored hairs, but electrolysis is the most effective and permanent method of hair removal.

I have not seen any really effective topical treatments for hair removal. If there is any effect, I expect it to be mild and I do not know if they will do what you expect.

Electrolysis is permanent, but the problem is that we have millions of hair follicles in our skin and many are dormant and only start growning at a later date. Because of this, hair removal is a life long process. Once we are cleared of hair, the dormant follicles pop up and we need another hour or so of electrolysis, just not as often as when we did for our first clearing.


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