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My journey back to Estrogen

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Mandy M:
Hi everyone,

I hope you will forgive a little self-indulgence but I wanted to chart my progress back into an Estrogen-only regime.

Some of the background to this can be seen on my other thread,258850.0.html

I won't bore you all with the details of why I had to stop transitioning for three years (argh) but I am very glad to have taken my first steps back. Just to reassure y'all, I am under highly qualified gender clinicians, including an endocrinologist, with regular blood tests. I'm physically fit. As I mentioned on the other thread, my professionals know what they want me to be on but not how to get there: the mechanics of titration. Just to reiterate too that I produce no hormones at all without exogenous ones: I literally go to zero on both T & E.

So I thought I would share my journey, with any ups or downs and listen to any feedback and comments which would be much appreciated.

I hesitate to compare myself to the James Webb telescope but it feels like a decent metaphor: slow and careful adjustments over a period of time until the optimal point is reached.

Anyway, a week ago I began the titration down off T. I was on a mid-range dosage before and throughout my time taking testosterone my T levels have consistently remained below male range, even when measured only 2 to 4 hours after application. My E readings without estrogen have fluctuated: sometimes I was making significant amounts of estrogen ex nihilo. More recently my E levels have been low too. So I start from a position of low residual T and E.

I am now on what would be considered a very low dose of T. I am also on a micro dose of estrogen. This latter is really for my mental wellbeing more than physicality because the T is probably still obliterating it. At the moment it is sublingual but will switch to gel.

After a week how do I feel? No significant difference that I can detect as yet except for a definite drop in libido. And happiness at returning to my path.

My intention is to stay at these levels for another week. I don't want to rush this: I want to give my body-brain time to adjust. In a week or so I intend stopping the T altogether, fast for 3 days with just the micro dose of E, and then gradually, very carefully, bring up the E to the prescribed level.

It's this changeover period which concerns me the most. I have previously been without any exogenous hormones and I was fine for a week to ten days and then, bam, it hit me: doped out and catatonic. So I'm hoping the E kicks in before I reach that stage again. Six weeks after coming onto my Estrogen only regime I will be having my first new blood tests. Whoop whoop!


Congratulations, Mandy. I'm delighted to see you have now started your new and and well thought out path which is certainly the correct and appropriate one for you - Estogen.

I hope all goes well and wish you every happiness and success.


Pamela xx

Mandy M:
Thanks so much Pamela. I love your support.


Northern Star Girl:
@Mandy M
Dear Mandy:
I am so very excited for you......

I have been following your progress on your other thread:
                 Anyone ever taken both T and E at the same time?,258850.0.html

Wishing you the best and much success and happiness as you head for your goal.

Mandy M:
Thanks so much Danielle and for you lovely message over on there too.

This kind of support is so special.



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