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I don't know where to ask. I have badly matted hair from when I lay in bed for a few months. I tried untangling it slowly with the hair saturated with conditioner. But, I can't tell that I've made any progress in the areas on the back of my head where the matte is thick.

Should I randomly call hair salons? Can you think of any way to narrow down the search?

I really do not know what to say, as I only get a few tangeled hairs when I comb out my hair.

I would think that any good salon should be able to help. Sometimes, matted hair just cannot be fixed and a trim is necessary. The important thing to remember is that daily hair care can avoid the problem.

We do what we need to do. Take care.  :-*

Thanks. I made some progress today. So, maybe I can do it by myself over several evenings. Using the "tail" of a rat tail comb, I managed to loosen one of the very dense mattes. Then it's going millimeter by millimeter along the edge to untangle hair.

A salon stylist would doubtless know some things about resolving matting, though they're in the business of cutting, so they might suggest that first. I've always had easily tangled hair and long since learned a technique with just my fingers. It takes a very long time, but can work. You start at the bottom ends and and just wave your individual fingers within the hair. It's easier if you aim your fingers up toward your head a bit as you do it, too. You have to work from the very bottom or you'll tighten the tangles. Using both hands I have even gotten thick tangled long wigs untangled this way.

I have had some luck working a bit of coconut oil or the like into tangled hair to loosen it, but you don't want much-- just a couple of drops here and there, perhaps. You don't want to wet the hair with water, though.

That sounds like a good idea, after the mattes are separated more. They are like dread locks, except hard like a rock. It takes effort and wiggling to get the pointed part of a rat tail comb in between the hairs. It is working, but slowly.


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