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Has anybody had voice training with LaTrobe University

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Allie Jayne:
Bronwen, it's 4.48 and we are still going til 6 if you want to drop in!


Allie Jayne:
So good to meet you Bronwen, even if virtually! I'm glad you were able to get answers for your initial questions from one of our members, and hope you also both enjoyed the session and learned some things! I didn't really read your previous post about the eyelash extensions, or I would have asked you to show us the detail during our meeting. It is a fairly long process, but makes a dramatic difference, and something I would consider doing if I finally have some events to go to! I have a friend in NZ who has hers done regularly, and they always look amazing!

I look forward to getting to know you better!



Hello Allie Jayne,
Thank you very much for your very early message. Good heavens, I am not allowed to get out of bed so early, particularly on a cold morning, my cat Patches would complain and tell me to get back into bed and keep him warm.
Since our discussion on Prometrium I have found that Endometrim, also a pure progesterone, is on the PBS. It can be  taken rectally. According to some forums on the web many women have been told to take Endometrin rectally due to problems taking it vaginally.
I really enjoyed our chat last night and I am looking forward to having more. It will be wonderful to meet you, Monique and other people in a similar situation face to face. I am very excited with this new part of my life that is opening.
Now to eyelash extensions. Yes, they do look wonderful. For this first time I opted for the 'natural look'. Well, they are not quite natural but they do not look excessive. The woman who did them told me to go back in three weeks and she will extend them further. Hmm, I not sure about that because the length I have now is very close to the lens of my glasses.
Big hugs,
For the tim,e being, I think I will stick with the 'natural look'.

Allie Jayne:
Thank you Bronwen! I will explore the cost of Endometrim as even some PBS medicines can be expensive, and this one comes as 12 pills and 12 applicators, and still may be regarded as a 'private' prescription. I will also try lash extensions one day!

I look forward to seeing you again soon!




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