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Unexpected validation at the DMV


time to renew my drivers license, which is sometimes an anxiety frought event. I was late and dressed quickly, skinny jeans, t-shirt, no makeup, no bra, tied my hair back in a pink ribbon, and ran for the door.
While the clerk was verifying my info, height, weight, address, and such, she looked at my chest and said: "Do you still identify as male?" I glanced down and there were my breasts straining at the fabric, proud and prominate.
Who would have guessed it could be so easy?

Nice one, Jin!  :)

When I was doing my gender marker at the Social Security office, the woman apologised for taking so long...she said "I'm sorry, this is my first time doing one of these". I replied "No need to apologise, it's my first time, too".  ;D

Hugs, Devlyn

Wonderful to hear. I too had a really positive experience at my state DMV when I changed my name and gender a couple of years ago. It was so smooth, and it was clear that the staff had been well trained. It was seriously the smoothest in-person DMV experience I've every had - there was no line (shocking - that never happens!), and I was out with my new driver's license in 10 minutes. Obviously, it helped a lot to live in a fairly liberal state (Maryland).


That's great news Jin!

When we lived in Colorado, I had no issues updating my name and gender on my drivers license. However, it was a bit more difficult when we moved to Arkansas. We had lived in the state in the early 2000's and they still had my dead name on file. It didn't matter what my Colorado license said, I had to show them a court order from Texas (my birth state) which included my new name and gender.

All of the federal offices have been great.

Love always -- Jessica Rose


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