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Margrit is retiring from the Moderation Team

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Margrit is stepping down, please join me in thanking her for all the help that she provided in the operation of the site. We're going to miss you in the Staff forums, but life comes first. Now you'll have more time for yourself and your family.  :)

Hugs, Devlyn

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Margrit;
I will truly miss working closely with you on the moderation tasks.
You were always a joy to work with.

i am wishing you well as you continue on in your life endeavors.

HUGS and best wishes...

Sorry to see you go Margrit, but thanks so much for all of your help on the Forums. Enjoy the extra time with your loved ones.

Love always -- Jessica Rose

Sorry to see you step down Margrit. Thank you for everything you did. Hugs

Hi Devlyn :)
Hi Danielle :)
Hi Rakel :)
Hi Jessica_Rose :)
Hi Mariah :)

Thank you for your lovely words.
Much to my regret, I don’t have enough time to proceed my voluntary moderation as seriously as I would prefer.
I absolutely liked the voluntary service with all of you, I think we spent a great time together.

So, see you around the forums from time to time...

Best wishes


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