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Am I really doing this...

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--- Quote from: Courtney G on May 29, 2022, 08:11:29 pm ---Thanks for sharing your story, Jenny, and welcome to the group. I understand the fears and doubts...I'm still in the middle of my own struggle. But know that you have allies here. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need to chat.

PS: I'm on the other side of the Hudson from you. Well, a little further west than that, but you get the idea.

--- End quote ---

i kinda can figure, but I do suck at directions :)

I appreciate the offer and once i am out of newbie timeout, i may just do that. its great to have the resources of this whole site, but it's very nice to have some local friends who can relate to things.


A wonderful story … and relatable to me on so many levels.

Are you really doing this? I don’t know, and it’s your choice, of course. But as somebody starting my own journey I’m glad I got to share in this story of yours, and hope to hear more. Thank you.

Traci M Knight:
Welcome Jenny,

Glad you found us. Look around, ask questions and know that we're here for you.

Remember a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

As I was advised, take it step by step as you are comfortable.

Again, welcome ang Hugs,


Gigi Cooper:
As a trans woman also starting my journey, I have went through closet cross dressing most of my life. Riddled with guilt for what I was doing i would pray to God for forgiveness and promise never to do it again only to repeat. The inner turmoil of resentment and anger at myself for not being stronger drove me to the brink many times. Joy was never part of my life and the dark cloud never left. I became a workaholic trying to not indulge my true identity. My anger would explode at an instant being always at the breaking point. I still have a broken door frame in my home to fix from being kicked in, on another occasion or two I threatened to burn down the house.
I got married, raised a family, purchased large toys...but still no joy. Turned to God studied the word and became active in the church got baptized, still no joy. The man in the mirror has always been a stranger to me, trying to live and present as expected by others.
I came out to my therapist then to my wife. The sense of relief and joy I have felt since then has been incredible. The first post to Susans Place my hands were shaking so badly I could hardly type and scared someone would find out my secrete. The compassion and understanding here is amazing. Now I can't wait to log in and see what's going on. Now if the endo only had sooner appointments, but that is another story. Welcome and hope to hear more of your journey. From New Joisey  Gigi

Traci M Knight:
Yes Gigi,

You'll find many of us had similar experiences. To try and bury my transgender feelings I got very involved with a fundamentalist faith, even became a lay preacher officiating many services.  Coming out to my wife though didn't go well. She demanded we just be roommates and stay together for our son. And the fireworks when I accidentally left a browser open and she found my posts here on Susan's. I pray things go better for you.

As for religion, if you look closely at the dress, you can see a pentagram. I've left the fundamentalists behind.

Best wishes and look forward to hearing about your journey too.




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