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Hello again UK Members

I'm sure most of you are aware of the present HRT shortage in UK.

Obviously we are not permitted to discuss dosages taken or amounts supplied by pharmacists to us but we may refer to percentages and of course to method of administration  - Tablets or Patches or Gel etc.

I would be interested to know how serious (if at all) the problem is in your area of UK please. No need to be more specific than City/Town/County in which you reside or if you prefer please just state England or Wales or Scotland or N Ireland.

I live in Liverpool and pick up my supply every 4 weeks. There has been no problem with my Progesterone (Utrogestan).

However there has been and still is with my Sandrena E Gel.
On April 8th my pharmacist provided 72% of my E Gel and the remainder a week later and that is acceptable to me.
On May 6th my pharmacist provided 64% of my E Gel and nothing since as I revisited them today. I also asked (if my doctor and I were to consider reverting to Evorel E Patches which I was prescribed 2 years ago although I prefer Sandrena E Gel) was there a similar shortage with E Patches and was informed same shortage and delay.

Are you also experiencing a shortage and delay for HRT and if so, how significant a shortage for you and for your geographical location please? Thanking you.


Pamela xx

Two months ago I had a few weeks delay on my estradiol valerate tablets. This month they came the same week I ordered them. Location is Biggleswade.

big kim:
I live in Thornton, Lancashire, no problems getting Zumenon. Just got my 3 month supply on Tuesday


I am on Oestrogel, first prescription in Feb no bottles, back order 2 arrived a month later, and still owed 3
2nd prescription in May different pharmacy had 1 bottle, now owed 5 from them.

I am starting to get worried but i have enough for a while.

Oestrogel seems to be the one that is in very short supply. There are a number of reasons for this that are both political and socio-economic.. that I will not go into here. Other supply issues seems to be (and this is my own inference) other patients switching and the levels not being held in the system to accommodate this sudden rise.

I get my Oestrogel to last for 60 days... I ordered it at the end of Feb (just before surgery) and it took 4 weeks for the pharmacist to suppply... I again ordered at the start of May and it has only just arrived (3 weeks)... on placing this repeat prescription my pharmacist advised me to talk to my doctor for alternatives as he can see no resolution to the current issues....  I really do not want to change to anything else, as this treatment suits me and I am well on it.

I am in North-East Wales/Chester region.


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