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HRT Shortage in UK

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Thank you ladies for the responses received so far.

This is just beginning to worry me but OTOH I recall a UK HRT shortage 3 years ago which was fortunately over 3 or 4 months later.

Clearly one advantage which I assume is customary if your prescription is authorised by NHS GIC or C Magic (the latter covers my location but at present I am still under GenderGP), is to be prescribed 12 weeks supply instead of the usual 4 weeks supply by NHSGPs.


Pamela xx

No problem with my patches last week ,4 week supply so will see what happens in a few weeks time.


--- Quote ---Women's health minister Maria Caulfield said manufacturers had told the government that by June "they should be in a better position [on supplies]".
--- End quote ---

should soon be in the past I think....

Thank you so much Sarah for this latest piece of news.

I'm sure we all truly hope the BBC and its sources prove to be correct in their prediction on HRT supplies and in the meantime on the availability of other HRT products we may access, as most necessary and vital to us as transwomen aswell to menopausal ciswomen.


Pamela  xx


Glad to hear shortage has not affected you and hoping that position remains.


Pamela xx


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