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HRT Shortage in UK

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Just to clarify it was 12 weeks supply of Evorel Patches as opposed to previous policy of 4 weeks supply of either Patches or Gel for me too!

It is so pleasing to read that things are looking up for us. Thank you so much to Mandy, Kally and Sarah.


Pamela xx

Mandy M:
Just picked up my Sandrena gel 1.0mg (that's the medication not the dosing) and had no issues. Ordered yesterday, collected today. Mind you they've only given me a 1 month prescription which is a bit of a pain but still there weren't any supply issues.

M xx

My estradot 100 comes as 3 boxes of 25 and 3 of 75 (due to supply issues 2 years ago and as I have no gender care anymore not going to tell GP to change it)
this month I got 1 box of 75 and 1 box of 25 that was owing from my June prescription and told to come back in 3 weeks and see what has come in

not looking good


Thank you Mandy and Carla.

It looks as if either the general HRT shortage still persists or previously our doctors kindly gave us 12 weeks supply but are now reverting to customary policy of giving us 4 weeks supply.

I shall let you know which I am given next week.

Good luck to all UK Members in maintaining adequate supply.


Pamela xx

Ordered mine over a week ago and needed them for Fri morning and they have not come in, Lady in chemist said it takes doc 3 days to send prescription and 5 days for delivery. Never taken this long before


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