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Hey I have a hormone related problem.

I don't take testostwrone and don't want to. Ideally, I wanted to take birth control pills, becasue I'm not comfortable with ovulating and possible unwanted pregnancy all the time. However, it turned out not as expected at all. I needed to take the so-called mini-pill (progestin-only) and I have considerable side effects from it, so bad that I stopped.

My doctor said I could use and IUD as a form of birth control and in order to reduce bleeding, but 1. I have my concerns about the IUD, because I stuffer from extremely painful cramping, bad ovulation pain and all sorts of stomach aches that can make it difficult to go through the day. I'm also worried about being able to feel the wires in my cervix as I have sex or masturbate or use a tampon etc. 2. (Or maybe i should put it as the first reason) I would still be ovulating, the egg just can't implant, when there's an IUD.

Another proposition made by my endocrinologist was blockers, however, the side effects from the pill that I find very unpleasant are blocker-related and I think I could have significant issues with the blocker as well. What I mean is feeling depressed, out of energy and sleepy and muscle weakness and weight loss (I'm normal weight and shouldn't lose weight, if I lose weight, I'm below the norm)

An issue that could be avoided by lowering the dose of progestin or using the blocker instead would be only some vague but potentially dangerous problem with leg cramps and blood circulation.

I tried to "just get over it" and accept that I have to use a condom and in case of emergemcy also the "post-pill", but I can't just get over it, it drives me crazy that my body is releasing some gamets all the time and proving itself to be a functional female.

Besides, are blockers injections? I'm not a fan of injections tbh. I wasn't worried about it before, because I was considering testosterone gel if at all, my passing is good anyway without it, so no need for large doses.

But I worry about the eggs - I feel like a fraud even when I pass. I just feel like I shpuldn't be in men's spaces at all, because I can have a baby in my womb just like that, any day, any hour, just because I had sex. What makes me feel even worse is that lots of people don't have problems with birth control and nobody understands my problem. All my FtM friends can take birth control. It's just me getting severe mental health issues from any hormone trouble, including when my period gets irregular. I tried antidepressants for it, but they don't help at all.

So my question is if anyone has input how I could possibly solve this? I'm looking for treatment alternatives, but honestly can't find any. I mean, obviously, if you know any alternatives, maybe there are none and I have to suffer...


I think that you have already mentioned all the possibilities available to you at this time except for an implanted contraceptive or a diaphram. The fact is that some women cannot tolerate oral contraceptives.

You mentioned an IUD and if you could feel the strings attached to the IUD. Most women do not feel them at all and only well endowed men may make a comment about it, but it is certainly not uncomfortable for the man.


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