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Thanks @tgirlamg and @Kaleig_hC. 

No I don't think it outed me, since in the past I've had incidents like that, but I just never had the subconcious feeling or the inflection to got with it, that I had a few days ago when I said it.  I've always struggled with my weight, so while my testosterone levels were normal for a man, I always seemed to have higher estrogen levels, because of the fat on my body changing the testosterone to estrogen, and even when I look at other guys, I never did develop like the pronounced forehead ridge---I've got a very tiny ridge there, but I never really got that thick ridge that a lot of men get.  And for years, even before starting my HRT, people always thought that I looked like I was maybe 23 when I was 36. 

But this morning, I took a couple of selfies as I was sitting on a chair, and I couldn't help but notice my face really looked like I was looking at myself when I was 21 or 22, and even at my chin, whether its from my HRT or weight loss or a combination of both, my chin had a more feminine angle to it and my cheek bones seemed higher.  Even when I looked up an old picture from when I was 21/22 around 2005, and even as recently as 2021, I could see that back then I had the male fat distribution that made the chin area more square and the whole face more square, and while I could see my cheekbones, they were not as prominent as they seem to be (also, a few of my pictures from like 2015, yeah, I had a lot of weight in my face, so that was also hiding my cheek bones in a few pictures), and while I've always had high cheekbones, now my face seems to be starting to take on that female shape subtly.  In a few of my selfies, I also caught some of my legs, and in the pants that I have on today, the tops of my legs seem to have just a little feminine look to them.  So its slow, but its also going in the right direction.

So I had my visit with my doctor a few days ago.  They were impressed by my bloodwork, and upped my Estrogen to, what I take, is the maximum safe dosage for pills.  And for me its easier to just take them all at once rather than space them out throughout the day, and from what my doctor was saying, since I don't take them sublingually, the pills are designed to dissolve slowly, so I shouldn't get that massive early spike and then fade during the day.  And my Cyproterone Acetate has stayed the same since I started HRT.

Aside from feeling different "pins and needles" feelings in my breasts every so often, I wonder if I am starting to experience my pelvis tilting, as I've had a lot of fatigue in the lower back lately.  Of course, right now I am also dealing with medical issues in my back that began before I started HRT, and my doctor's seem to think that it's a case of bad timing. 

Also, I went to a stylist for the first time to style my hair, so that I can grow it out to like a bob, but with bangs.  However right now we are aiming for an androgynous look with a little hint of feminity.


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