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First days on HRT

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So I got my Cyproterone today. 

And I did feel a little bit of emotional release today, since yesterday I guess I was still in shock that I was approved and I was at this point now, so after processing it for a day,  I finally was able to release a little bit of the pent up excitement.

Congratulations on this very huge step !

Looking forward to updates on your journey.

Brooke Renee:
Congrats!  Getting the right hormones into our systems is huge, enjoy the ride. 


Enjoy your journey!



--- Quote from: ChrissyRyan on June 04, 2022, 08:36:24 am ---Enjoy your journey!


--- End quote ---

Well I’m at a little hiccup in the road.  I’m looking at tomorrow being my last day on HRT for 2 weeks.  I did have an appointment to talk to the doctor about a week and a half a go, but then they cancelled, and I rescheduled for a few days later.  I had to cancel that one because work called a few hours before my appointment and needed me in ASAP due to an emergency, and at the time of my appointment I was unable to take the call because of the emergency.  So I rescheduled for the 29th of this month (earliest that was available on the website for Connect-Clinic here in Ontario) and sent an email asking if I could get a refill to cover me until the 29th.  And I even asked the pharmacy to fax a refill request.  So far I haven’t heard anything.  The secretary said that I might be able to talk to the doctor tomorrow—-but the time was 15 minutes before my shift is scheduled to start.  Hopefully I’ll hear something tomorrow!


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