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News Story from Herald Sun Newspaper in Victoria Australia


In today's Herald Sun Newspaper (7th June 2022) there was a small article  which was headed:

Apparently  the ANZ Bank (Australian New Zealand Bank)  has announced that it will provide six weeks of paid  gender affirmation leave for all staff  who are undergoing gender affirmation.

The newly created gender affirmation leave also includes up to a year of unpaid leave.

In a statement the bank was reported as saying it will assist staff as they undergo any aspect of gender affirmation including social, medical and legal gender affirmation.

This new move by ANZ  Bank comes after other Australian Banks and major businesses are now  offering paid gender affirmation leave.


Allie Jayne:
Hi Judith! I saw this announcement, and felt it was great news coming on the back of public support for trans people in the recent election. I work for State Government, and our award allows for 4 weeks paid leave for Gender Affirmation, which I used last year for surgery recovery. It is heartening to see this now in the private sector, and a recognition of trans people and their value to organisations. It feels like affirmation for the whole Trans community, after the vile anti trans comments by conservatives in the lead up to the recent elections. It will be a joyful topic in our Alphabet Soup Heidelberg zoom meeting this Saturday!



Northern Star Girl:
NOTE:  In addition News Story posted by judithlynn at the beginning
of this thread from the Herald Sun Newspaper in Victoria Australia ,
here is a nicely detailed article from the Daily Mail
       Trans and gender-diverse staff at ANZ will now be entitled
      to six weeks of PAID gender affirmation leave

Published: 05:15 EDT, 6 June 2022 | Updated: 07:25 EDT, 6 June 2022
By Jesse Hyland and Eliza Mcphee For Daily Mail Australia and Aap

    ANZ will provide six weeks of paid gender affirmation leave for their employees
    The leave will be granted to transgender and gender-diverse staff at the bank
    It will support workers who undergo social, medial or legal gender affirmation
    ANZ is the latest to introduce the entitlement after Westpac, Allianz and Coles
For more details and the complete story, go to the LINK displayed
in the middle of this comment reply above..


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