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Yes. Women might feel the cold more than men. Heres why


A very interesting article today  in the Australian Broadcasting company News web site as why women might fel the cold more than men.

It says that Oestrogen and Progesterone plays a very big part and explains why. As a Transgender woman on a transitioning dose, I do feel the cold much more than before I started a Transitioning dose and especially when I am taking my Micronised Progesterone (Prometrium) on its monthly cycle Day 14 - 28, mimicking the womens ovulation period.

The article says:
We all have different preferences for when it's the right time to bring out the winter blankets. And the thermostat's setting often forms the basis of office arguments between women and men regarding the "correct" temperature for it to be set.

Between the sexes, there are always more similarities than differences. But research does consistently show women prefer a higher indoor temperature to men.

But is there any science backing up the widespread belief women "feel the cold" more than men?

Biological differences between men and women

At around the same body weight, women tend to have less muscle to generate heat. Women also have more fat between the skin and the muscles, so the skin feels colder, as it's slightly further away from blood vessels.

Women also tend to have a lower metabolic rate than men, which reduces heat production capacity during cold exposure, making women more prone to feeling cold as the temperature drops.

Hormonal differences

The hormones oestrogen and progesterone, found in large quantities in women (and Transgender women on Transition dosages) , contribute to the core body and skin temperatures.

I tend to need to wear sweaters or layers for warmth more now than ever @judithlynn

I am not complaining.  It is wonderful to see and feel the changes over time.



I love the cold. Hot weather makes me itch, and sweat. I would live in Antarctica if I could, lol. Not even kidding. One of my friends has been up Everest 2 times. She also loves the cold. I mean... okay... just wear more sweaters. ;D But people will always be different. :)


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