Author Topic: PACs supporting the election of trans-supportive or LGBT-supportive politicians  (Read 4663 times)

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I'm looking for good causes to support with my donations, and since it's getting to be election season here in the USA, I wanted to support organizations that are working to get trans-friendly (or generally LGBT-friendly) elected to public office, sort of the way Emily's list has supported female candidates.

So far, all I have turned up is the Victory Fund, which seems to be generally trying to get LGBT candidates elected.  It's not clear that LGBT candidates are necessarily going to work for policies that benefit LGBT communities -- e.g., there are gay politicians that vote for homophobic policies, and trans candidates that support transphobic policies.  And even if they are said to support "LGBT-supportive" policies, that doesn't mean they care about trans people at all.  (Unfortunately, a lot of so-called LGBT organizations are only about the G or maybe the L and the G, and are indifferent or even hostile to the other sectors of LGBT.)

Plus, I'd like to be sure that the organization I donate to is actually going to use the money to support candidates' campaigns and aren't about, say, just enriching the people running it.

Does anyone have suggestions?  Or knowledge about LGBT PACs beyond what their websites would say?
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If you feel comfortable doing so, you may want to send a tweet to Sarah McBride on Twitter. In case you don’t know, Sarah is a Delaware state senator who is trans, and she has long been supported by the Bidens. She will definitely have the answer to your question.

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