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Travel Destinations - Where do you feel safe going out?

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Veronica Morph:
nowdays if you dress correctly for the time of the day/night and master your makeup correctly not too much, not too crazy, not too poor. and per my previos postings on body shape, you need to control your body proportions... almost anywhere in the US, is fine, these generations are so open minded, and respectful, you can go grosseries, yo can go to restaurants, malls, even stadiums if you wish, just remember to dress appropriate, if you want to dress your fishnets and 6inchers and a blue wig,there are parties for that, ... try not to do tht where families go for their sunday walk, ... if you dress well and accordingly, everybody smiles at you, and guys will just look at you with admiration of you braveness to do what you want to do and who you want to be.

i myself had gone out even in many other countries, europe, asia, and south america, so far no complains if i didnt pass, but lately most of the time i pass, and very rare i get second looks, ... actually i had all kind of complements from evrybody, thinking im a gal, or when they clock me they tell me how well i look. this buildsup in my confidence.
you are very fortunate that your wife is sharing this passion with you.

Thanks for the responses so far on the various locations! We are heading to Burlington VT in a few weeks and are hoping to venture out. Also, Jessica, thanks for the links and direction! I will check out the areas you mentioned.

Maid Marion:
Obviously we need to look out for ourselves and stick to safe venues.

If you can, stick to upscale places with better security.
Given a choice I'd much rather go to a Target than a Walmart.


Just an update, we did venture out when we went to Burlington VT during a couple days/evenings. Felt quite comfortable, but suggest staying in the downtown area or even Winooski shopping area. They have a couple fantastic thrift shops that didn't seem to mind when I tried on several items (was in guy mode then). Reasonable prices and ended up buying several outfits.

We also went down to Sint Maarten again since then and this island seems to not care, but I would suggest evenings in Maho, Simpson Bay, Grand Case or Orient Village. During the day, Phillipsburg and downtown Marigot are nice places to shop (Wednesdays and Saturdays are better in Marigot).  We're heading back again in a few weeks, always nice to be in a place where you can venture out!

Please let us know where you all go out. We are in Vegas then end of March, hoping to see what it is like there.  Stay safe everyone!

I stay away from walking around, and driving during evening and nighttime, in downtown areas of large cities unless with a group or maybe in bright daylight and there are numerous people around. 

For areas to visit, and there are exceptions of course, the Pacific Northwest is very relaxing.  I think there are locales that are known to be trans-friendly or LGBTQ++ friendly.  Cape Cod including Provincetown, or P-Town, Massachusetts is one.  I am unsure if “gay friendly” means “trans-friendly” yet in all locations.

Please note that there are weirdos and trolls everywhere, so be safe.

Many people are approached by thieves even in what are thought to be safe suburban areas.  Just be aware of your surroundings.  That safety mindfulness applies to non transgender people too!

With that said, you do not have to be a shut in and avoid society of course.  Just apply wisdom.



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