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Hi All,
  I did a search on two surgeons that I am considering for FFS, but could not find any mention in, thus this post.  I am considering either DR. Ramineni, or DR. Kuperstock for my FFS, and was wondering if any of you ladies has experience with either of the two for FFS, or you have a close friend that has, and you can pass on their thoughts on their procedure and their results.  I am looking to get a brow reduction/lift, and mandible recontouring operations.

  I also did searches of the Internet and could not find any reviews on Dr. Ramineni re FFS, and only a couple on Dr. Kuperstock.  Also, if anyone has information on another surgeon in the Washington DC please feel free to comment.

  Any help y’all can provide would be appreciated as I plan to schedule soon!



While many of the typical FFS procedures, such as rhinoplasty or a face lift, can be done by any good surgeon, brow reduction and jaw work are really specific to FFS. A surgeon specializing in FFS, with many years of instruction and experience is really desireable.

I do not know the surgeons you mentioned, but I would look for examples of their work, either online or in consultation. I would also like to know where and under which doctor did they do their training. This is important because some surgeons are overly aggressive and seem to produce a plastic look, while other surgeons usually have a more natural result.

In chosing a surgeon, the consult is most important. You need to specifically detail what you want done and you need to determine if that particular surgeon is able to give you what you desire.


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