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Transfered to the VA from Private
« on: June 21, 2022, 12:40:52 pm »
Well after much reading and a conversation with my va Dr and the VA nurse I've moved from a private care system called Plume to the VA for my care.

Right off the bat both my Dr and the nurse were awesome in both attitudes and body language over the news,
She did a referral to an endo Dr , we spoke about a week later, and bam im in the program.
they will continue my current dosages.

A very key phrase came up in the conversations with the Dr's and staff " it's no longer a mental health issue, but medical"

Dont get me wrong, Plume is great, but they only see a tiny tiny piece of the puzzle,
between the endo(hormone dr) and my primary care are in the same organization and collaborate and thats a good thing.

The down side so far is, now both dr's know my health status, and I get an earful from both now about , weight, diet, exercise lol.

they offered speech therapy right off the bat.
Im not sure what else they offer at this time, but I'll be exploring a lot more now that im out of hiding.

If you had thoughts about using the VA, chat with your Dr. ask them. You might find the same welcome I did and I hope you do :)

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Re: Transfered to the VA from Private
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2022, 06:31:32 pm »
Dear Krystal:
Wow, I am very pleased that you were so warmly treated by your new doctors at the VA...
...we don't always hear good reports about the VA care.
I will be eagerly looking for your updates as you feel comfortable sharing them.

  " both dr's know my health status, and I get an earful from both now about , weight, diet, exercise lol."
Yep... you can plan on getting that same story from most doctors that you will initially see.

HUGS and best wishes,

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Re: Transfered to the VA from Private
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2022, 12:50:44 pm »
An update so far on my adventures with the VA in Mass.
Product shortages are what I hear as to why the VA pharma hasn't provided any estradiol, or the correct needles for injections.
I got my dutaster*** right away. 
I spoke with my DR about it, she wrote and snail mailed me a script that Amazon filled right away.
however that took about 2 1/2 weeks. VA Dr did not want to do an E-script.

Now its the end of September and the VA hasn't filled my initial prescription for E.
I spoke with my DR again on my last appointment about it and that I'm still using Plume services as well, because they can get me supplies and the blood work is more convenient for me, the VA is a 60 mile round trip in the wrong direction from work.
The VA doc is ok with this for a work around, she's going to get back to me about whats going on in the pharmacy

Then as we're talking about things, she asks if Id like a referral for electrolysis ,
I'm like O hell yeah that's covered? She smiles and says Yes I can create the referral.
I've already had a call and am now just await to know when my appointment is.

As part of our conversations as we'll we spoke about long term goals and any plans on surgeries, I mention the only thing I was considering was an Ori** as that would eliminate the need to take Duta indefinitely.
 With a huge smile she mentions that may be covered next year.

So in short thats where I sit right now,
In what I call hybrid transcare :)
My VA primary is aware
MY VA endocrinologist(spelling) is aware
My Plume DR is aware of the other two.

I'm one year in and I am the happiest I think Ive been in my whole life, I so content with the changes I see every day as I look in the mirror.


So all in all a few bumps, but nothing horrible.