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My name is Bobbi and I am a late 50s model transgender woman.  I was born intersex and it has taken me these many years to accept who I am.  I am a veteran having retired from the Army Reserve.  I recently came out to wife of 37 years.  She is amazing and taking everything very well.

I have female brain trapped in this body.  I'd rather batch sauerkraut any day of the week than watch a football game...twice on Sunday!  So, I cook.

I recently came out to the LGBT Care Coordinator at the Veterans' Administration.  I have an interview next week to get diagnosed as gender dysphoric.  And so the journey begins... ;)


Thank you for your military service @Bobbijean

It appears that you may be starting your transition journey very smoothly!


Northern Star Girl:
Dear Bobbi:
I see that you are a new member here and just last week you submitted your very first posting.
... I also see that our lovely member @Jessica_Rose officially welcomed you and gave you important
information and rules pertaining to Susan's Place and the Forums.... including the LINK to come
here to the Introductions sub-forum and introduce yourself so that more members will be aware
of your arrival here.

As you get involved in reading the various threads and sharing your thoughts and comments you
may find that you will make some like-minded friends.

Since you mentioned that you are a Military Veteran I want you to be aware of several sub-forums
that will certainly be of interest to you.

The Military Veterans Confab is a dedicated space where Military Veterans can exchange information about government support programs, help and assistance from community groups, events and meetings, and other issues that are of interest to all military veterans.   
                    Military Veterans Confab,548.0.html

                    Roll call!,96755.0.html

The Susan's Place Forums has many members that were active in all of the
military branches and some that are still active.   In the Roll Call sub-forum you
can read what the other members have to say about their military involvement.
You likewise can check-in and share a little about your Military background.

Please be certain to carefully read the rules and other information about the Forums
that Jessica_Rose included at the end of her Welcome message to you in response to
your very first posting last week.

If you have any questions before you are able to send private forums messages (requires a minimum of 15 posts)
you can feel free to use Email to contact any of the staff.   Jessica_Rose gave you her Email in her
Welcome Message ....     also my Email is

I am glad to see that you have joined in here on the Forums.... and Thank You for your military service.

Warmest Regards,
Danielle  Northern Star Girl
Global Moderator                        cc: @Devlyn  @Jessica Rose

Maid Marion:
Hi Bobbi,


I find that I am more confident socializing when wearing female clothes.
Interactions are much more fluid and less awkward.

I do a lot of good diet and exercise to achieve an hourglass figure.


A Warm Welcome here Bobbi,

Best wishes as you embark on your journey and hope you'll avail yourself to the information and caring people here.

Thank you for your service!

Look around, make yourself at home and welcome aboard.


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