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One year Happy vajayday anniversary


Hi All,

Yesterday I celebrated having my new vagina for one year

I can't believe the time has passed so quick, I have also moved back to UK and sorted all my passport and name changes

Still not had my first appointment with the NHS GIC so 42 months and counting since referral

I am currently back in Eindhoven visiting friends so we had a trip to the trendy food hall and had artisan hotdogs and Tortillas (we thought symbolic of operation)

I was also back for Graspop Heavy metal Festival in Belgium, I bought tickets for pre Covid and operation, the now reduced toilet options were not a problem and didn't realise until someone mentioned it and I just said I paid my money and made my choice lol I knew the pros and cons

I have started to forget I was ever male, I think if I go to Sparkle this year it will be my last as I don't feel trans any more I am now a women I think the Transgender part of my life was when I was in transition going forward I will just be me

Thanks again for all the Support


PS I have very little in the way of orgasm down south, apart from a few night climax's when dreaming so a tiny bit disappointed, no kind of positive libido changes at all from the total silence after starting hormones

Most of the time, I feel the same way. This is my new normal and my previous life is just a fading memory.

However, I feel a little different about leaving the trans community behind. I have had so much help from Susan's Place that I want to give back and help the new people who are struggling with the same issues I had. While this site is not a substitute for professional counseling, we can offer personal experience and options that someone may not have thought about.

The one year aniversiary is significant in that you should be fully healed by now. I no longer keep track of my vaginoplasty date, except for the ticker at the bottom of each post. This is my new normal. I am going to let the computer do the counting. I have a life to live.

Take care.  :-*


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