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Intersex in the VA

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Hello all!

The good news is that yesterday I was officially diagnosed with gender identity dysphoria.  I will be referred to an endocrinologist for feminizing hormone therapy, a voice coach, and prosthetics for a wig.

However, I believe I was born with intersex conditions, which caused surgery on my genitals at age two.  I'd really like to know if I'm intersex before starting hormone therapy.  Who should I talk to about this?  My primary care provider?  The endocrinologist I am being referred to?

Lastly, I really believe I should have a therapist.  How do I get an appointment with a therapist?  Again, primary care provider? Or, directly contact mental health?




In the VA health system, all referals go through your primary care team. Since you were diagnosed with gender issues, you should have already been seeing a therapist, as those are the people who make that kind of diagnosis.

An intersex condition just means that you have the chromosomes typical of one gender, but did not physically develop in a typical manner. You may also have a chromosome abnormality which can be easily diagnosed by a simple blood test. Your primary care can order this test, as well as just about any other specialist who's care you are under.

Intersex surgeries leave scars.. quite noticeable ones and sometimes areas of insensitivity .... These surgeries are preformed on very small children so a stich is huge in comparison to an adult. I would suggest if you have had surgery you would know about it.

@Rakel... As someone with a non-normal chromosomal makeup.. I do rather find offence in being called an abnormality...
Imagine if those words were used on here for gender issues??

I have those scars.

Allie Jayne:
I believe it's really hard to get a positive diagnosis for intersex. Few providers will pay for the tests required, and the knowledge of genetic variation has increased recently, so the definitions keep coming under challenge. To get an idea of the complexity google Sex and Sensibility a YouTube video which explains this so well!




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