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How to make testicles smaller?

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I have a serious problem. I have always felt uncomfortable with my testicles. It can be smaller by killing spermatocytes, keeping leydig cells. Can surgery or drugs be used to achieve that. i want to still be able to have sex
Thank all

Good morning linhquang,

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Now, let's get back to your questions.

I have never heard of selective cell destruction such as killing the spermatcytes while sparing the leydig cells. The physical anatomy of a testicle is very complicated and selective cell destruction is not possible surgically.

There are many people with gender dysphoria who elect to remove one or both testicles. However, their sex drive diminishes somewhat, if not completely. To restore any sexual libido from the male perspective, you will have to take external Testosterone, usually by injection.

A number of professional athletes who have taken Testosterone as a performance enhancing drug have reported a decrease in their testicle size. There are many issues with doing this. The main one is that the changes may become permanent.

Whatever you decide to do, please get counseling first. There is no substitute for a professional therapist.

Thank you Rakel. My English is not good, I will try to understand.
I just want how not to feel the testicles between my legs, is there any way other than remove it

The entire “package” down there can be bothersome to many. I do not know if there is a medical treatment to shrink the size of testicles though, other than removing them.



--- Quote from: linhquang on July 03, 2022, 10:58:48 pm ---I just want how not to feel the testicles between my legs, is there any way other than remove it

--- End quote ---
Have you tried "tucking"? This is where the testicles are pushed up into the inguinal canals.

The first time I acheived this, it was the most wonderful (and unexpected) feeling as the testicle slipped gently through my fingers and disappeared up into the canal. I tucked the other side, pulled up the tucking underwear and then went for a walk, and it was amazing to feel flat and smooth down there without all that "stuff" swinging around and getting in the way!

I now stay tucked all day, which is a bit fiddly when you have to re-tuck every time after going to the toilet, but definitely worth it.


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