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Pemdas is a lie…..

What is the solution to 3 / 2 (3 + 2) = ?

The way schools are teaching this is blatantly incorrect stating that 3 / 2 x 5 = x using the order of operations is from left to right because pemdas order of operations goes from left to right with division equal to multiplication.

However all physics, engineering, computer science, programming and mathematics advanced texts and research use what used to be standard taught the multiplication is first before division in these equations. There are numerous technical reasons for this convention being correct and preferred.

Pemdas is a lazy incorrect rule taught because “educators” determined the traditional convention was “too difficult” for students to remember without regard to how this is used in the real world. Just a another example of our failing educational systems.

Northern Star Girl:
old math    x = 7.5

Yes agree answer is 7.5.

However the problem here is ambiguity. It is open to interpretation as to either correctly or incorrectly calculate the answer depending on the intention of the writer. I have written a lot of safety critical software and such notation is strictly forbidden because the full intention of the writer is not specific.

The correct way of notation should be
(3/2)(3+2) = 1.5 * 5 = 7.5

Jessica xx

Does anyone else here play Nerdle? I've only failed to solve the daily puzzle one time.

I Love Nerdle.. and play every day, when I am not sweltering in 100F

and with my old math I got 7.5...  but Kudos to Jessica for typing what I was thinking... and non-specific equations deserve to be solved anywich way..


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