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First off, I have been visiting this site off and on for quite a while and thus far imho everyone is top notch. There I said it.

My name is Rebecca (Becky or Becca work as well) and I am MTF currently on HRT (2 yrs) plus I am older than most - 62 years young. I guess I am a late bloomer. I have always wanted to be female but lets just say there would have a high price to pay if I kept to my ways when I was young. When I say young, I mean from when I can remember to about 10 yrs old. But that is not why I am hear. We all have baggage - so what, we are hear.. I am extremely lucky to have the support of a loving wife who understands what is in my head and lens that I look through every day. Some days I like what I see in the mirror and others I do not. It's almost as if my skin is wrong-that is a topic for another day. For what it is worth I am in an extremely good place, I am sorting out the mental stuff with a new therapist this upcoming Monday, my hormone levels are good, I am talking to some plastic surgeons for some work I am thinking about having done. For the first time in a long time I like who I am. I am working on what others see and what I see in the mirror which is all I can do.

There you have it, my intro.



--- Quote from: starchild on July 21, 2022, 07:57:15 pm ---plus I am older than most - 62 years young.

--- End quote ---

If only to be 62 again! ;)


Hi starchild

Welcome to the forums.

Best wishes

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Rebecca:
Thank you for coming here to the Introductions Forum to tell more members about yourself. 
I am glad that you followed the LINK to come here that our lovely member @Jessica_Rose 
gave to you in her Welcome Message on July 11th, last week.   
Please be certain to carefully read her message and read the Forums Rules that she posted
at the end of her message. 

As you get more involved here on the Forums and share your thoughts and comments you
can expect other member to reply with their thoughts.  You might even find that you will
make some like-minded friends here.

I also wish to give you a warm Welcome to Susan's Place and Forums.
I will be eagerly looking for your future postings around the various Topics and Threads here.

Best wishes to you as you continue in your journey.
Warmest Regards,
Global Moderator

Gina P:
Welcome to the forums Becca, I see you have already have 33 posts under your belt. I am a newbee just starting out at 60 yrs young. Glad to hear you have a supporting wife and are in a good place mentally. We are here if you need to talk. Hugs Gigi


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