Author Topic: How long did it take for you to live full-time in your correct gender(s)?  (Read 821 times)

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How long did it take for you to take serious steps for you to live full-time in your correct gender(s)?
Are you now living full time in your correct gender(s) or not quite there?

This counts only the time starting when you could take steps to begin to live in your correct gender(s), not the time since perhaps as early as childhood when you may have realized that your biological sex did not correspond to your correct gender(s) but could not do anything about that.


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It is not usually about how fast you transition, it is about how well you transition.  

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I signed up for two forums four years ago.
This month I finally expanded my work wardrobe to include a pencil skirt!
My casual outfits now include skirts and skorts.

My voice and mannerisms are spot on female.
I look good presenting as a woman.  Got all my teeth fixed.  Nails look good.
Reasonably athletic hourglass figure. 
Learned lots about fashion and colors to look good.

I've gotten pretty good at socializing.
I get a lot of respect from the way I dress.

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     Started "seriously" transitioning in 2014

     Began HRT in March 2015   (35 years old)

     Came out Full time at my (previous) job December 2016

     Quit my male-mode job and relocated to a very small town in Alaska in January 2017...
  start my woman-owned CPA and financial planning business

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Started HRT:   March 2015
Went Full-Time    December 2016
Quit my male-mode job and relocated to a very small town in Alaska in January 2017
I'm a blonde, blue eyed woman, Age 42

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I had been on HRT for health reasons for a while.. but May 2020 I resolved all my trauma issues in therapy and knew that I was indeed the woman I thought I was.. by October 2020 (5 months) I had changed my name and gender markers on bank accounts, passports and all other major things..
So in reality.. I started the moves to transition full time in August (I had relationship issues to negotiate) and completed them less than 6 weeks later!!!... LOL.. an overnight success that took 50 years to get to.

And I can truly say that it was the single best thing I have ever done in my life. Finally free to be me. It is such a relief.
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About 6 months from when I started living on my own to going full time.
a long time coming (out) HRT 12 2017

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Saw psychiatrist at local hospital October 1989, age 32. He threatened to section me! I asked my GP for a second opinion he referred me to Charing Cross hospital. I started electrolysis & growing my hair out from a slicked back DA.
January 1990 self medicated HRT, living in role at nights after work
June 1990 hair grown out to a long red shag, started socialising in female role on Blackpool LGBT scene. I was also going to a local punk & rock club as a sort of androgynous Mike Monroe style glam punk
October 1991, name changed by deed poll, driving licence, bank details etc I went full time at last
December 1994, surgery
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Started Therapy Dec 1994, HRT Jan 1996, Full-time Aug 97, SRS Aug 98


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It is very difficult for me to give an exact date when I became a woman. My ticker uses the genital surgery date, which for me was the most important task on my list of things I needed to do. At that time, I was only on hormone therapy for just over one year. I did not pass very well.

A few other surgeries and a few more years of hormone therapy and I am happily properly gendered all the time now. In my situation I went into a sort of androgynous phase between genital surgery and fully embracing my womanhood.

I cannot give you an exact time, but for me, it happened from 3 to 5 years from the inital counseling session to where I am today.


Retired Pharmacist with over 40 years experience in Hospital and Retail Pharmacies.
I still keep my professional licence active and in good standing.

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A couple of years as a secret cross-dresser, but from when I got my own place it was about six months to the legal name change and going full time.  It took another three years to work my way through the medical system to get lower surgery.

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11/2012 I had to get help. HRT May 28, 2013 HTR. FT 11/2015, GCS and FFS 11/2016. BA 7/2017 I think.

I was not going to have my dead name on hospital records when I had GCs so I started that process 22/3025, I think. Plus I had several people at work say they would only use my legal name when I came out. Some would purposely use my dead name and then ask me what is your legal name.
MTF in need of help link,133631.1980.html
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HRT  5-28-2013
FT   11-13-2015
FFS   9-16-2016 -Spiegel
GCS 11-15-2016 - McGinn
Hair Grafts 3-20-2017 - Cooley
Voice therapy start 3-2017 - Reene Blaker
Labiaplasty 5-15-2017 - McGinn
BA 7-12-2017 - McGinn
Hair grafts 9-25-2017 Dr.Cooley
Sataloff Cricothyroid subluxation and trachea shave12-11-2017
Dr. McGinn labiaplasty, hood repair, scar removal, graph repair and bottom of  vagina finished. urethra repositioned. 4-4-2018
Dr. Sataloff Glottoplasty 5-14-2018
Dr. McGinn vaginal in office procedure 10-22-2018
Dr. McGinn vaginal revision 2 4-3-2019 Bottom of vagina closed off, fat injected into the labia and urethra repositioned.
Dr. Thomas FemLar 10/13/2020
Dr. Thomas laser vocal procedure 2/17/2021

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Starting with my first concrete step, telling my wife, it was three months before I started therapy, seven months to start HRT, and ten months before I was full-time.
2015-07-04 Awakening; 2015-11-15 Out to self; 2016-06-22 Out to wife; 2016-10-27 First time presenting in public; 2017-01-20 Started HRT!!; 2017-04-20 Out publicly, beginning full-time; 2017-07-10 Legal name change; 2019-02-15 Approval for GRS; 2019-08-02 Official gender change; 2020-03-11 GRS!; 2020-09-30 New birth certificate; 2021-03-10 consultation for ongoing pain

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My transition has been a slow process starting in March of 2020 when I started HRT. My transition has been a gradual process interrupted by medical issues, two strokes and a CAD diagnosis which precludes hormonal and surgical transition. At age 69 my transition continues with diet and weigh lose, removal of facial hair and voice training with the goal of living 100 percent as a woman, passing before I pass.     
Electrolysis 3/4/2020
Estradiol 3/10/2020

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Sixty-four years.
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