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Odor after sex reassignment surgery

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Hello everyone, I had my sex reassignment surgery four months ago and I've been offered a inner serenity I once thought I was incapable of experiencing - however, I'm a bit disillusioned with how to adjust to caring after this area.

I'm vigilant with typical hygiene, washing and so forth but I'm confused as to whether I'm supposed to be douching religiously or if I'm supposed to allow an environment to be created? I'd appreciate any advice you could offer on what you did. I bought boric acid suppositories and have been eating yogurt, but I haven't used the suppositories yet because I don't want to cause any more issues for myself. Thank you in advance.

for further information, I'm 19 and my surgeon was Dr. Chettawut.

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There are a lot of conflicting thoughts regarding frequent douching .... some say that if done too often, it destroys the natural bacteria and vaginal health, others, that are having odor problems feel that frequent douching is a solution for them.   

There are a plethora of over the counter "feminine hygiene" products that are available, also it is possible to have yeast infections that can cause unwanted odor and discomfort... again, there are over the counter products that can help with that issue, but if it persists you may need to see your doctor for more focused treatment with prescription meds.

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I have been a practicing Pharmacist for over 40 years and I have counseled many women on vaginal hygiene.

I do not recommend boric acid suppositories, especially for a new vagina. They are just too strong for the newly formed vaginal tissue. If you are going to douche, then use a gentle commercial product such as Summer's Eve products. Other options are diluted vinegar douche or, if your doctor approves, a povidone-iodine douche.

The need to douche really depends on the normal bacteria now in your vagina. Some certain bacterias are beneficial, but not all. If you are giving off a foul smelling odor, then that is a sign that you need to douche and cleanse your vagina. If your vagina just smells like sweat, then that is normal for most women.

Disclaimer - I have no financial relationship to Summer's Eve or any other product that I may recommend.


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