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Hello all, been away a while


Well, things have been crazy busy.  Graduated, have My BA in psychology.  Engaged with Amy.  Got a new job working in addictions recovery.  Looking for a school to continue to my master's and doctoral degrees.  Helped some clients feel comfortable being on the unit as they were having issues with coming out as LGBTQ.  Helped my boss in determining how we work with gender fluid, agender, gender queer, and transgender people with how the unit rules are to be enforced (males and females are not allowed to sit together, but there was no policy for how to handle all the other genders, and they had issues with figuring out how to treat transgender people and sitting/room arrangements).

I seem to be fitting well, as I am seldom confused for a male anymore. 

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Artesia:

Yes indeed, you have not posted on the Forums for well over a year.  I, and the rest of your followers have certainly missed you...  and seeing and reading your comments and thoughts.

Congratulations of earning your BA in psychology...
... I admire your determination to continue your education to earn a Masters and eventually a Doctorate degree.

WOW, you are now an engaged to be married woman!!!  I am wishing your happiness!

You new job sounds very interesting and is very well suited for a transgender woman well versed in the LGBTQ issues such as yourself.

I am so glad to read that you are having good success in passing and not being confused for a male....  that is so very affirming.  I imagine that you are very happy with that situation.

Thank you for sharing and bringing me and the rest of your avid followers up to date with your life endeavors.

Please don't make us wait so long for a new post and update from you!!!
HUGS,  HUGS, and more HUGS.... 

I forgot one thing.  I was diagnosed with PTSD and have begun therapy for that.  The therapy is designed to confront my feelings of the incident and how it has affected me beyond that. 


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