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Studying their outfits


I seem to be spending more time studying what other females are wearing and how their outfits look on them and their overall appearance.  Have you noticed you doing the same? 

Some outfits just do not not look right on some women; but, a similar outfit looks great on another woman.
Hair color and style, body proportions, even if they smile or not makes a perceived difference.


Sure. I think there's a couple angles that come to mind: What we like for a variety of reasons and then what looks good on us based on our size/proportions etc and when the two work together, one looks better IMO. Then there is appropriate dress based on culture and situation, which can also include age. Some folks make it all work, some don't. In the end, does it matter? IDK. There are times I see combinations that look good on a particular person, but wouldn't work for me and I mean like colors and patterns.
What's different for me than a cis female is that I've not been socialized as female so while women have options, such as pants versus dresses and skirts and they tend to exercise those options using pants a lot, I prefer the more traditional option as a way of defining who I feel like. I also think that if you're under 6' tall and less than 175, you'll probably pass well enough. Being 6'5 has been a real obstacle for me, especially when coupled with archetypical male behaviors and expressions that I have used to cover up the fact of who I really am. In a way it feels like a curse. Sometimes I wonder if very tall cis women feel out of place or is it just that because they were AFAB and identify as such and accepted as such it's not a problem. They're even in a small demo than I am though, meaning rarer. FWIW, Dr. Phil had an aunt that was 6'4 and 220lbs. That must have been something in her day. All her clothes would have had to be custom made.
Anyway, I will say if I was FT RLE I would dress a lot nicer. It's a something my wife doesn't understand. She tells me, why can't you just channel it into looking good as a male. Pfft.

I been doing that for years probably since my child. I look at how they dress. I listen to how they communicate. I am introvert. I am more of a watcher than a talker. I pick up a lot about them from a distance since I was afraid of girls too when I was little. I pay even more close attention to how they use clothes when I attempted transition the first time. I knew that I know nothing on coordinating different pieces. I had dysphoria since my pre teens. That probably affected my filter of these behaviors.


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