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3 years on HRT and they still say Mr, Señor to me, should I give up?

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With only three years of HRT, you are only just beginning your transition. You will need a few more years of HRT to fully pass.

From what you have said, you are doing the proper things to get you where you need to be. Just give yourself a few more years on HRT and let the hormones do their magic.

It worked for me. Take care.  :-*

Maid Marion:
Yes, properly fitted women's clothes are tiny compared to the old guy clothes I used to wear.
This means I can buy twice as much and store it in the same space!   ;D

I have a thin waist two inches or 5 cm above my belly button.  I can wear clothes that makes that easy to spot from a distance.


Hi Babushka,

If I am wearing mens clothes and my own hair (the little I have); with nearly 4 years of HRT, painted nails and 38D breasts I still get addressed as sir, though have been called madam once followed by sorry sir lol. Put on a dress and my wig and it is madam every time. Perception is strange. A change one way or another can make a big difference and I think it is very difficult to pass without giving sufficient clues, the more the better.

As an aside have you tried an app like Estimate Age or FaceApp, they both use a photo of yourself, the former gives an age and gender, the later starts the app with the gender it perceives based on your face. They are not definitive but it seems work for me, the wig and a little makeup does it. if you can pass there by making changes then it is a start. Most first impressions are to the face, then to the body, if you fail the first it is harder to pass the rest

Good luck and hugs

Jessica xx


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