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Let me share some of my weekly routines.

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This topic could also be in Health but for me this vitamins I take is for beauty.
I do regular trips to Istanbul and buy medications and vitamins, because it's very cheap and no one asking questions. They know their things and have everything.

Daily I take Biotin for my skin, hair and nails.
I also take E- vitamins for my skin daily.
Once a week I inject B-vitamins a combo with several different B- vitamins. B1, B2, B3, B5, B6
Most of them is for the skin.
I also inject once s week high doses of C-vitamins. And every one knows that C-vitamins makes you look younger.
I take daily iron tablets mainly for my hair. If you lose your hair? It can be because you have low iron in your body.
Daily I take collagen protein mainly for the skin but collagen protein is good for other things in your body.

Question is, am I to much? Are there others like me out there?

If you planning to take iron tablets? A good idea is to buy a combo iron + C-vitamin. Your body will take up the iron to your body much easier.

Personally, I take a Biotin supplement (Nutrafol) along with sublingual B-12.

The B-12 isn't for beauty, though... it's because I have a deficiency, and that deficiency is causing my red blood cell count to be low.  No Bueno.

I also do a vitamin C serum on my face every morning.

I may have to try kicking it up a notch LOL! 

I think I'm going to have my Dr. order a vitamin panel next time I go in -- mostly to see where I am on my B vitamins, but it would be nice to see where I am on iron, vitamin E, and folate.  I believe that you can overdo those, so I am a bit slow to supplement unless I see a deficiency there.

Thanks for sharing!


I'm interested in knowing whether any of these are doctor recommended (or even prescribed since they are injections?)

Yes I recommend the B-12 it's a good choice if you feel tired and you think your red blood cells are low.

big kim:
I daily take a multi vitamin & mineral supplement, hair, skin & nails supplement, collagen & biotin supplement, cod liver oil capsules. Almost 65 but look younger with near waist length hair.I think what I am takng has slowed down aging


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