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Do you prefer hot dogs or krauts / wursts / brats?

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Do you prefer hot dogs or krauts / wursts / brats?

Boiled or grilled or made another way, such as in a wiener roast?

There are other topics for topping or styles of hot dogs (Chicago style, etc.) so please post your topping or style favorites there.  I will give those topics a bump so you can find them easily.



Northern Star Girl:

      "Do you prefer hot dogs or krauts / wursts / brats?"
                  I like all of those !!!.....

I also like Smoked Sausage, Polish Sausage and Kielbasa 


All the above.. but I try to limit processed foods so I rarely indulge any of them.

If you are from the Rochester NY area you'll know what I mean when I say that I particularly like white hots. Although I can't get them anywhere else.

Lady Sarah:
I prefer bratwurst, and will use them for more than just on a bun. Have you ever cut them up and used them as meatballs for spaghetti? That ain't the only thing you can do with brats.


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