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I have seen posts in this forum for the past 7 years when searching for information. I decided to do an account. It does not let you do any name with the "leigh" suffix so I had to move the underscore symbol. This is my second attempt trying to come out. My first one from 2015 to 2019 did not go well. It made my dad angry. Before we moved back to the area I grew up in they made me give away much of my women's clothes, shoes, mascara, lipstick, nail polish, any my purse/handbag. My parents make me use one of those tool bags that you put work tools in as my bag. It is something you find in a hardware store.

I live with my parents and are supported by them. My mother did not agree with it the first time but she was not angry. She has a very even low key personality. My father physically and emotionally abused me growing up. I don't have same close relationship with him. On the plus side, my parents continue to let me use stealth women's and girls apparel including winter coats, jeans and pants, panties, and a pair of women's flip flops my mother gave me. They still don't let me use women's shirts. In preparation for when I can't hide my transition, I started buying more feminine apparel and hide these items from them. One place I have a head start is with my hair. I have grown my hair since 2011 and it is about mid back length and very wavy and feminine. I been pressured to cut my hair but have never done so. I don't think I pass I am only 39 days in but my hair gets my an occasional ma'am or get referred to as "her" especially if I leave my hair down and it partially covers my face. Men are constantly checking the bathroom sign to see if they are in the right one because of my hair. Many men think believe I am a woman apparently. I see that as a good sign.

I am trying to come out again soon. I have come out to the waitresses at a couple of restaurants I go to. They are totally supportive. Changes that have happened so far are minor. My testosterone levels are down and my weight has dropped from mid 130s to mid 120s. I am 5 feet 6 inches so I am skinny as a rail. I lost waist inches but gained some in the breast/bust area. My male sweat odor is gone now. Sex drive dropped. I am one that likes being small framed and skinny so it does not bother me. Don't hold me to it but I may have lost about a half inch of height. I have lost two shoe sizes and I suspect as hormones take more effect that my shoe size will get even smaller. I am taking it one day at a time. That is my story to this point.

Allison R:
Hello Kaleigh. Welcome to the forums. Someone will be along soon with an "official" welcome, but as you probably already know, you are in very accepting and supportive company.


Hello @Kaleig_hC , welcome to Susan's Place and the Forums!

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Once again, Welcome to Susan's Place!

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Hi Kaleigh!

I love your name, BTW.. it's really pretty!   ;D

I want to congratulate you on starting (or maybe even restarting) HRT, and I also want to congratulate you on seemingly knowing exactly where you want to go.  It is difficult for many of us, including myself, to get to the point where we really know what we want.

I'm assuming that your parents know about the hormone changes, which means that they can't possibly be THAT bad, right?  It seems that even though they are not jumping up and giving you a high-five for wanting to transition, they at least are supportive enough to maintain a relationship afterward.

What exactly didn't "go well" when you began coming out a few years back?  Was it a problem with friends, family, or both?  I hope things go better this time.

Welcome to the site -- hopefully you'll get to know a lot of the wonderful women here a little better.

Good Luck!


My parents have not figured out the hormone changes yet. They know nothing not even the night sweats I experienced at the beginning. I ran my ceiling fan to help tame the sweating. Problems was mostly my father the first time even though my mother did not agree either. She is my protector when things get bad between me and dad. It is just 39 days. It is hiding itself at this point. I might have ever so slight change to my face last two to three days. I had to look hard to notice. I lost a lot of fat in my chest 7 years ago, to my mother it may just look like I got back my original male chest with what I gained in the bust area. I look anorexic to her here. You can see every bone of my rib cage. When I told her my old shirts don't fit me now, she told me I was getting a man chest. Little does she know it is the beginning of a woman chest. I ask the waitresses I come out to at the restaurant if they see anything different with my face tomorrow. All we can see of ourselves is a reflection in the mirror and not our actual appearance.


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