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My Penectomy With Dr Arnkoff 2022

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Hi Everybody,
I have passed through many changes this past few months and changed my name and gender through court!! My name is Kenzi now, I tried to change it on my profile but seems to be not allowed to change the username. But that’s fine!

Well, like many other members in here, I had my orchi done in 2020 and the penectomy last week both with Dr Arnkoff. I think that Arnkoff is a blessing for all of us, I didn’t find another dr who simplify our lives like him since I started my transition in 2017.

So, in 2020 I had an orchi with scrotectomy done with him, he asked me if I wanted an general anesthesia and I said yes, the cost was $1850 paid to the Surgery Center and $6.5k to him, the surgery took 1hour and everything went well.

Last week, I had the penectomy done at the same Surgery Clinic, with the same nurses and anesthetist, the are all so nice and since they already know me things went very very good. The price was still $1850 for the facility and $7.5k to the Dr and an additional $300 for a 1hour session with a very nice Psychiatrist who wrote the letter since the surgery center require that. I met with the Dr one day before the surgery at his office and signed some consent forms and explained to me all what will happen and answered all my questions. The Dr is a very good guy.

Back to the surgery, once I arrived to the Birmingham Surgery Center, they put an IV in my  right arm, gave me some medication such as anti vomiting, relaxing pill and I don’t know what (I do not remember all of them). The anesthetist came and explained everything as usual, asked me some questions regarding my health these past two years after the first surgery and took me to the surgery room. I knew them all so they were all very nice with me and I didn’t feel the stress I felt 2 years ago. I lay down on the table, put my two legs in place, and things went very fast!!! It was one of the best nap I ever had!!

I opened my eyes and found myself on a wheelchair going back to our car, my Wife and my Daughter of 5 looking at me!!! Hugged the nurses and anesthetist who came with me outside and went back to the hotel. I took Hydrocodone, called my parents to let them know that I was ok and slept for 3 hours. I start remember everything since then!! I saw that I had a catheter with a medium bag attached in my left leg which was already full. I went to the toilets to empty it while standing. The pain was moderate since hydro does it job very good!! I ate small quantity of salad, took my antibiotic which was prescribed by Dr for 2 weeks and another hydro and went back to sleep.

I was so excited to see the new groin area but my wife asked me to rest again!! I slept for another 3 hours and when our daughter slept, we changed my surgical clothes and cleaned the area. It was swollen, still bleeding but I was sooooo excited to see no more disturbing thing attached to me!! We counted the stitches and they were something like 20!! The Dr did a great job and I know that when everything will heal it will look perfect! We put antibiotic ointment on the wound, covered it with a large surgical pad since it was still bleeding and oozing and added a adult female diaper as another layer of protection against bleeding. I went back sleeping and wake up every 3 hours, hydrocodone kills pain for this amount of time, passed 3h I start feeling pain and discomfort. I didn’t sleep again since I had an appointment with Dr Arnkoff at 7am in his office.

The road to his office was not a big deal, just the position in the car was hard to find but not impossible. He saw me, told me that it looks like it should be the next day and gave me 2 catheters to use as dilators for the future because I need to dilate the new urethra opening everyday for the rest of my life. Starting 3 times a day after taking off the actual catheter and decrease to once a day. He asked me to call him after 3 weeks after surgery and send him pictures of the groin area before taking off the catheter. He explained clearly how to take it off, we will be doing it by ourselves late this month. He told me I can hit the road if I feel able to do it! Which we did!!!!!!!

We went back to the hotel, packed all our stuff and started our long road trip back to California!! It took 4 days from Detroit to Sacramento to drive! It was very very long, sometimes painful but I just wanted to go back home and rest there so I asked my wife to be courageous and do the trip as quick as possible!! We drove 50/50, since the car has the assistive cruise control with stop and go, you just need to set the speed limit and the car will follow the car in front of us and stop in traffic jam and start by itself. I just need to keep my hands on the steering wheel!! So easy!! Our daughter was always here to talk to the driver when things start to be boring (Wyoming, Utah and Nevada are so boring)!!

I’m writing to you from our bed right now. I know I missed many details, did many mistakes since my primary langage is French so sorry for my English 😅

I will try to give you as many informations as possible the next days so that anyone who is having the surgery with our Blessed Dr Arnkoff will find updated informations like I found Leslie’s story so helpful.

Thank you for taking time to read me.

See u for the next update 🥰

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Kenzi:
Thank you for sharing your comprehensive posting regarding your successful
surgery "Penectomy With Dr Arnkoff 2022"
I am very happy to read that you were very satisfied with the surgery and with
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Northern Star Girl:
Dear Kenzi:
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Northern Star Girl:
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Kind of surprised you have to dilate the urethra from now on. I don't think SRS patients do.


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