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Gender in video games.


Hi, everyone. I remember playing video games with my friends as a kid. I always picked the female characters, before I knew I was trans. What kind of players did you pick at video games?

I picked the female characters almost always even to this day. I do it with Dragon Quest games that allowed this. I did it with Star Ocean 2, Tales of Xillia, Scarlet Nexus, and countless older games. There is gaming section under the hobbies area to talk specifically on video games if you are not aware. I see your account is older but not many posts. At 15 posts you can look at other's profile and update your profile to add stuff like your birth date and gender.

Always been female, though not played many games

Jessica xx

Depends heavily on the game. Nowadays I tend to avoid games that don't allow for some form of character creation. And the deeper the better. The ability to create yourself and make your own story is something I look for first and foremost in a game, and if it doesn't have that, then... that's an immediate red flag for me.

I shy away from games that force you to wear the pants of Chad Chadson and his squad of dudebros, saving the world with BO and cheesy one liners.

Having said that, there are a handful of games where the character themselves transcends how I feel. They have to really stand out for me to play them though, or the main protagonist at least. Like the Uncharted games. Nathan Drake is so well fleshed out and so funny, and... endearing, I didn't mind playing those games. Or "some" of the final fantasy games with the emobro main characters. Or the Witcher games.

Although I dislike hugely this masculine fetish Squenix have for the later games, so I never played 15 and in all likelihood am done with the franchise as a whole. (I absolutely hate games being put out as episodes... which basically means "please pay us full price 7 times for the remake of a game!"... but that's a whole different conversation.)


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