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I'm very new here so I'm not sure if something like this already exists but I wondered if anyone would be interested in hosting/joining an online book club specifically for the members of this forum with a trans/LGBT theme? It could easily be done on here but I thought it might run a little more smoothly if someone would be willing to start a new club on the website with a link to join available somewhere in the forums.
Let me know your thoughts.


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Northern Star Girl:
Dear Kathy:
I see that you have already found and posted on the "Books" subforum here ...
....take a moment to go back to the "Books" subforum and look at and click the
LINKS for the existing Topics (and more) that may address your question regarding the
transgender themes in books.

You are free and encouraged to post a new topic or a new book review.
Warm Regards,
Global Moderator
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