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I remember the job I came out in. Most everyone was cool about it but there was this one guy, it's always this one guy, that had a problem with me. He went to management saying that my demanding use of my new pronouns was sexually harassment on him. The whole thing was gross. I'm glad I don't work there and with that guy anymore

He would lose that argument. No one has a right not to experience cognitive dissonance.

Hi everyone :)

On one hand, yes indeed, Gertrude is probably right in what she says.
On the other hand, in the working-world, if someone really wants to harm you, they will prospecting, in the hope to find, a mistake in your work. How do call it?: "Who seeks will find."
Unfortunately there exists a typ of coworker who sometimes does interpersonal issues, no matter where they come from, treats like that.
-Sad but true-

Best wishes

I got fired from Wal Mart over gender presentation. The actual incident I got fired over was yawning in front of a customer. My manager told me I was fired over unprofessional behavior. I know they were looking for a reason to get rid of me. My gender variant behavior seem to encourage customers to complain about me. I did things like having long hair, wearing pink crocs, growing my nails long. With homophobic culture of the company they were looking for a reason to get rid of me. This was before my first attempt at transition. I dealt with dysphoria all the way back to my pre teens. If they are inclined to go on a witch hunt, companies can use anything these days to terminate you over.

This sounds awful, Kaleig_hC. I'm sorry that happened


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