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Argghh. Why does elected government not work for us


This is soooo annoying

When covid struck the local government (council) implemented a booking system for disposal of waste at the municipal waste tip when lockdown ended. This made sense at the time as no one could dispose of there rubbish during lockdown and there was a lot to do.

But my council still insists in booking as it is being used to reduce access and staff.

So I was helping my old aunt by taking up some carpet and it needed to be dumped, tried to book, no slots. I had to take it 50 miles to home and book a slot for today at 2pm. Saturdays are very busy of us and at 2:39 remembered that it was booked. Too late missed the slot.

Now I have had to book again for tomorrow morning. The system worked well before, just turn up and wait your turn.

You can see why people just fly tip when it is made so hard to deal with rubbish

Jessica xx

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Jessica:
... an "age old" question.....

A plethora of books, editorials, and NEWS articles have been written and
will continue to be written about the question in the Subject Title of this topic.

If private business ran their affairs like some government agencies do, they would
go broke in short order because they can not spend other peoples money like the
government can.

We could talk for an eternity regarding what some politicians seem to deem important....
..... my short answer is that they are mostly concerned with their narcissistic selves and
maintaining their "power" over the people that they are elected to represent and to serve.

What I find interesting is that without "term limits" some politicians make a
profitable $$$ career out of their continuing political status.   

I could go on and on, but I will refrain.
I would rather spend my time and energy here on the Forums communicating hope
and support for our LBGTQ members and friends.



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