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When you notice someone (an adult) who you think might be transgender

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Northern Star Girl:
Dear Sara:
I think that you did exactly the correct thing.... saying nothing !!!   
Just imagine if you did say something to her and in front of her
friends, and you were wrong. 
It could have been very embarrassing and hurtful to her.

Even if you were correct with your guess, what if her friends
did not know that she is a trans-woman?

*****Saying nothing was the right move.


--- Quote from: TXSara on October 02, 2022, 12:29:02 am ---Interesting that this came up today...  I saw someone out tonight who I'm pretty sure is MTF.

You know what I did?  Not a dang thing.  I REALLY wanted to say something because she seemed to be having fun and had a few friends with her.  It could have been a new friend or even GROUP of friends.

Nope.  Couldn't do it.  Instead, I tried to make myself noticeable... still nothing.  Oh well.  Missed opportunity.


--- End quote ---


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