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Have started on Pellet therapy, ideas?, cons?


back in Dec 21, I posted an inquiry after a google search that returned a "Biote" result.
By late Dec, I had my 1st appointment (after bloodwork)
It's awesome to not have to fool around with self injection, and it seems, to me, pellets are the next best thing to having ovaries.
Rebuttals, Ideas?

Glad you've found a spot where you're happy.  :)

Every person needs a route of administration that suits their needs and preferences. It's not something that another person can rebutt. I go through a vasovagal response when my skin is broken, so my route of administration, worked out between my doctor and myself, is oral (sublingual). That's my happy spot.  :)

Hugs, Devlyn

BioTe products have been available for many years. These are compounded products, which means that they are not fully approved by the FDA, but offer the advantage of adjusting the ingredients to suit the individual it was prescribed for.

Here is a good link for an objective overview.

As with any form of hormone replacement therapy, your doctor must monitor and prescribe this product.


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