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I've been sitting down to pee for a very long time. I tried doing it standing up and I cannot do it anymore. Is this something you can't do either?

Not since my GCS, unless I am in the shower.  :o

Allie Jayne:
I had Hypogonadism for a long while before transitioning, and it caused me to atrophy so much that my genitals withdrew inside. So it had been physically impossible for me to pee standing for a decade prior to transitioning (my doctor said that my body was transitioning no matter what i wanted). Unfortunately it also meant that I had no stream while sitting either, and my pee went everywhere.

I did have a disastrous attempt at peeing in a urinal at Manila airport as all the cubicles were taken, and I had to go! (While still presenting male). I pulled loose skin out to try make some direction, but it failed miserably, and went everywhere, including on my pants, and that of the gentleman who stepped up beside me at the wrong time. I was so embarrassed and my pants were wet with urine, so I could smell it for the whole 1 hour flight. After that I increased my frequency to go to the loo, and never attempted to stand again!



Whatever anybody does, do not pee in the shower. Your brain and bladder work together. It can train your body to associate the sound of running water with peeing. If this happens, you can train your bladder to relax to pee when you wash your hands or do the dishes or when you swim in water. It is called the Pavlovian effect. Those that are AFAB or have had GCS should never stand to pee. You be doing it when your pelvic floor is not relaxed. Men have the prostate to support the bladder so it is not an issue for them. Those AFAB or have had GCS do not have that pelvic floor support. You be training your bladder for bad habits. These can lead to urinary incontinence. If you squat to pee in the shower you bypass this problem but there is still the association with running water. Also peeing in the shower can get urine in a open wound causing infection. This scenario is highly unlikely. I got this information from a doctor's post on the internet. It sounds like a bad idea all around.

It is even recommended for even men with urinary incontinence or prostate problems to sit to pee too. You empty more of the bladder this way. Men with these issues will fail to empty the bladder and this can cause issues too. It be better for them to sit to pee. I never knew standing to pee could be unhealthy.

For me personally, I have sit to pee since September 2015. I have orobably stand to pee three times. Mostly time rush situations. I am so use to doing it now, I have no temptation to stand to pee when going to the bath room at night either You are half asleep and functioning on your subconscious mind. It took me about 3.5 years to fully train even my subconscious mind to set to pee. I would not know if I could still do it or not since I have no temptation to do so.


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