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Hi. My name is Tonya. I’m recently discovering that my husband enjoys cross dressing. For the time being, it’s just in the bedroom. Which has been a lot of fun for both of us. A little background: my husband and I have been together about two years. Married for about eight months. We both enjoy exploring different “kinks” in the bedroom. We’re both very open with another about what we want, like, and need. His cross dressing came about in a conversation about role reversal, in the bedroom. I was surprised at first how easily he took to the idea. And how quick he was to start picking out clothes, and accessories. Of course, it naturally made me wonder if he was suppressing other feelings. Thinking maybe he was bi. Or deep closeted gay. We talked about it all. He says he isn’t gay, or bi. I believe him. And I believe in his love and attraction for me. I found Susan’s Place by accident. Just trying to do my homework about my husbands “new found” love for women's clothing. I still can’t get him to admit that this is something he’s either done before, or thought intently about. But that’s okay. I won’t push the issue. I think eventually he will tell me. I am open, and willing for the new experience with him. I think we’re even closer now, because of this. It makes him happy. It turns him on. So in turn, I share the same feelings. I truly love him. At any rate, I just wanted to introduce myself. Hopefully get to know others who have similar things going on. I am very new to all of this. So if anyone has any tips or input for what I may expect as he and I move forward, please feel free to talk to me. Thank you all so much ❤️❤️❤️

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Tonya:
Thank you for joining Susan's Place yesterday and coming here now to
the "Significant Others talk"  sub-forum.   
Here you will be able to share your thoughts and questions with other members 
that have special people, soul mates, and significant others in their lives.

The members here on the Susan's Place Forums come from all walks of
life and have various life experiences and relationships.

I have read your 2nd posting on your thread  "Wife of a cross dresser"  and based on
what you stated, tomorrow is the big day for your husband's "big night."
Along with your other new followers, I will be eagerly following your continuing story.

Once again, Welcome to the Forums....  we are all very glad that you are here.

Please be certain to look again at the Welcome Message that I gave to you and be sure
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Warm regards and best wishes to you and  your husband.

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Welcome Tonya!


Rachel Montgomery:
Hey, thanks for coming by. 

It sounds like you have a relationship wherein you are both open and honest with each other (which is optimal).  I don't see any reason for you to worry that he might be attracted to men.

Based on my experience (which obviously is not his, but it is what I have to go on), I am transsexual, and I am attracted to women, not at all to men.  I believe most "cross dressers" are attracted to women.  And, most transvestites are attracted to women.  As I understand it, it is when you change the subject to transsexuals that the number shift substantially (substantially more are attracted to men).  I have read that about 1/3 of MTF transwomen are attracted to men before transition, while nearly 2/3 are attracted to women.  After transitioning, I have read (don't remember where) that many people's attraction shifts, and more MTF's are attracted to men than women.  But, still a large percentage are attracted exclusively to women.

So, even if he some day decides that he needs to transition, there is a good chance SHE will be attracted to you still.  And, you might find that to be better than you might imagine.  It sounds like the two of you are adventurous. 


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