Author Topic: Never thought a Christian ministry would affirm me even by accident  (Read 1154 times)

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I got mail from Joyce Meyer Ministries since I am a partner. Front of the envelope does say "especially for the lady of the home". Look at how the prayer at the end of the letter is phrased. She basically addresses every partner as her rather they are man or woman. I have not changed my name yet.. Here is how the prayer is phrased. I will bold pertinent text.

P.S. Partner's First Name

Let me pray over you. God, I pray that You will help my friend to enjoy Your presence today like no other day. Help her to recognize and receive all that you have for her. Fill her with hope as she waits expectantly for what You are doing in her life.

You would thing it would have begun with P.S. Lady of the home like the letter cover says but that is not the way the prayer is written. The prayer calls everybody "her" rather they are a man or woman. Mistake on part of the ministry. Brought a smile to my face to be called "she" and "her" even while I still am legally my male name. This is not the whole letter just the pertinent text at the end of the letter.