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Hey thanks folks. I had to avoid this thread for a few days cuz as you can tell this stuff is extremely stress-inducing. I know there are others out there who share at least some of my pains but in the mean time, I'm thankful for the welcomes and warm wishes. And thank you for sharing, Maddie, and thank you, Gertrude.

Fortunately I am well beyond the paperwork phase. You wouldn't believe how much documentation I have had to dig up and paperwork to fill out. Why, just my MSR (medical summary report, which goes over my bio-psycho-socio-social-historical-whatever stuff was 15 pages on its own, plus probably hundreds of pages of documents. Nightmarish, honestly. And it will be an uphill battle as I continue to heal (yet still experience scar pain, etc.) What's worse, ultimately it's a <not allowed>-shoot in the end because it will fall to some kind of adjudicator. And considering the state of this country, probably a good chance they are some kind of authoritarian leader or otherwise have a bone to pick with people like us. Thank you for offering me a space to talk about these thingnga. <3

Hi, My father had a massive stroke and was 100% dependent. He was in the living room/dining room in a hospital bed. He had a peg tube and catheter. He could not talk, turn over or move his fingers. He was 59 years old and was denied for disability social security.

We made an appeal with the help of a Lawyer and had our Federal Senator file it. He was granted disability but died before the 1st check was issued to his bank account.   

I think having the lawyer review the appeal and having the Federal Senator file the appeal helped.

I did not have material for labia. Also I did not have fat in the vulva area. My level of vascular support in the area was very small. So even my original GCS graph died and had to be removed.

My third operation I had fat added to the vulva area. It ballooned the vulva with fat. The fat reabsorbed but the skin made labia.


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