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Is it just me or can anyone else just not do this?


Hi everyone. What I am talking about is seeing pictures of yourself pre transition. If it's a baby picture of me I really don't care but generally speaking I just can't. I started transition when I was almost 19. I am 30 now so I have been living full-time over 10 years.
I think a good way of putting it is I have a huge disconnect with the person I was before that time frame. That was the person everyone loved except for me. This is probably why looking at those pictures is something I personally don't do. Can anyone else relate?

I feel the same way, and I have decades of photos to ignore. Baby photos are fine, as long as my gender could be seen as ambiguous to someone with no knowledge of my life. The rest of the photos include a stranger, or a person I would rather forget. He gave his life so I could exist, and memories of him are painful.

Love always -- Jessica Rose


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