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Hi, I had my scrotum removed with an orchiectomy back in April 2021 and it went very well, but now I'm wanting to have a vaginoplasty. I recently went to the Cleveland clinic here in Ohio to speak with a pride surgeon regarding the procedure and she won't do it. Her response was that she doesn't do vaginoplasty on individuals with altered scrotums. now I'm really worried that I made a big mistake by removing my scrotum. Is it still possible to get a presentable vagina in my particular situation or should I just a happy with what I have?

Allie Jayne:
Darilee, this surgeon can only do penile inversion, you need to get other opinions from surgeons offering other methods like colon, peritoneal or simple labiaplasty. There will be a solution for you!



I find it a bit exasperating that the surgeon wouldn’t refer you to another surgeon in your area who does perform the kind of surgery you require.

Especially with this being a Pride doctor… and knowing how sensitive an issue this is. I mean, even if you were coming in looking for a rhinoplasty you’d think just out of empathy towards another human being a doctor would try to help someone they were unable to help… but especially in the case of this type of surgery to have someone say “nope, I can’t do it - goodbye” seems especially galling.

To be honest? It’s probably for the best that a person like this ISN’T going to be your surgeon.  You’ll find a better human being help you in the end. 

(The other) Allie

Thank you, I'll pick myself back up and start looking elsewhere.


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