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Greetings to everyone.

My local salon has Primelase HR Diode Laser treatment for all parts of the body.

I have previously had electrolysis on my face but it needs some ongoing work now. I am wondering about the salon's course of 6 laser sessions using the above technology.

I have no doubt that the staff will be excellent. I have other treatments done there and they are lovely and very professional. But I would love to hear any thoughts on a) laser treatment in general and b) specifically the above mentioned Preimelase HR Diode laser equipment.

I have very few white hairs as these were all removed under electrolysis. The remainder are all black/brown.

Final question is about the cost. A course of 6 on Full Face (lip, chin, cheeks, jaw line) is £570. Does this sound about right?

Oh and just to add: I only have dark hairs left now. They are not substantial but neither are they invisible. I would not be able to grow a beard: nothing like. It would be a straggle of random dark hairs. But I do still get 'some' shadow.

Also I have to let the hair grow for 2 - 3 weeks before each treatment apparently? That's a real dysphoria bind but worth it. Mind you, I was amused by one of the girls suggesting I wear a mask when out ;)

Surprised that laser therapist wants you to grow you hair before.....normally it has to be closely shaved the night before so that it effectively hits the root, if the hair is too long the light just burns the surface hair. Normally you need to leave hair grow for a few days after each treatment to allow the follicle to die and not to pull it from the skin via a razor.

Laser will tend to thin out the hairs if they are dark dramatically. Mine probably removed 95% with the exception of the lip area and just below on bottom lip, and top lip as these tend to be deeper than regular hairs.

I’m just starting laser next week (and electrolysis soon after - doing both with the same person), but at the consultation I was told, as Kalandrina said, that I need to shave closely before coming in for my laser appointment.  But that I’ll need to let me facial hair grow prior to electrolysis appointments.  So what you are being told… is not something I’ve ever heard/read about before.

Doesn’t mean it isn’t true and/or what they want. But probably worth it for you to contact them and double check to make sure it’s true… especially since growing it out will be difficult for you.  Hate to see you go through all that if you didn’t have to!


Thank you both for this. I'm 100% sure you are correct. The very nice person who works there who suggested that I'd have to let it grow is not herself one of the two laser specialists.


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