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Top towns & cities to be trans in the UK?


Gals and guys and everyone of all shades of identity and expression

I know that in the UK we are theoretically protected by law and that everyone should be respectful etc. etc. Nevertheless the fact is that in the words of George Orwell "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." By which I'm talking about towns and cities and suburbs and boroughs and villages and hamlets. For example there is a world of difference between Chipping Sodbury and Brighton ;)

So I'm interested to know where you think are the friendliest places to be 'out' living RLE in whatever form you feel is right for you? Where do you not get a second look? Where do you feel relaxed?

I've started the ball rolling: Brighton.

Maid Marion:
What you do for a community makes a huge difference in how people look at you.
I grow a fabulous flower garden in my front yard that puts a smile on everyone's face!
It is on a busy street so lots of people get to see it. 
If you walk by you can smell the fragrant roses planted next to the sidewalk.


Well i would add Manchester for one

Thanks Kalandrina. That's useful to know.

I'll throw two more into the mix.

Brixton in south London

Totnes in west Devon

big kim:
Thornton (the one near Blackpool, there are many Thorntons in the UK). My 2nd time living here.
London I lived in Putney Heath for 3 months when I worked as a bus driver
Blackpool about 20 years ago before it turned into a sump for dossers, drug addicts, alcoholics & sex offenders.


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