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Hair transplant with Facial team

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Had a consultation with Facial team concering hair transplant, due to a scar left on my scalp after FFS (with a diffrent surgeon).
Anyone has experience with them? or an opinion?
Is there a recommendation of a differnt place to do hair transplant around Europe?

Also I need to choose between a method of taking a whole stripe of hair at once (for this they will shave only the lower back area of my hair) - this might leave a very minor scar...
or transplanting each follicle of hair at a time (for this they will shave my entire head) - but that wont leave any scar at all.

If anyone has experience with it I'd like to hear about it.

Thanks in advance

I live in Israel and recently had a follicle hair transplant.  This seems to be the preferred method today.  Turkey is quite popular for hair transplants among Israelis, but I chose to do mine locally.  You should look into Turkey as a possibility.

Thank you for the response Dorit :)
can I ask.. did you have to shave the entire head for this?

Yes, and this is the hardest part but for me worth it in the long run. 

Thanks Dorit.
Is it ok to ask, how long did it take for the hair to grow? (the new and the old)
Did you use wigs in the meantime?
And where did you do it in Israel? (I have connection to Israel so if it was good maybe I'll check it when I visit)


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